Avengers: Infinity War Ending Explained (Contains Spoilers)

Avengers Infinity War Ending Explained

Ever since we saw the first trailer of Avengers: Infinity War in late November last year, the excitement was building up. With bated breath, millions of fans were waiting to see what happens when Avengers assemble against the might of Thanos.

Well, the movie is out now, to packed theaters, and the suspense is finally over.

**Spoiler Alert**

The folks at Marvel pulled off a George R. R. Martin on all of us by killing off 16 major characters! Some died fighting Thanos while some died because they were in the unlucky half of the universe which disintegrated when Thanos completed his infinity gauntlet.

Why Dr Strange… Why?

All this, because Doctor Strange – who was fiercely protective about Time Stone – gives it up to save Ironman’s life. Why? Watch my video below where I explain the ending in detail.

Note: The video is in “Hinglish” (Hindi + English). So if you can’t understand it, please read the transcript below it.

To answer your question, we have to go to Titan where Iron Man, Dr Strange, Spiderman, Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis are fighting Thanos. Thanos overpowers them all and almost kills Ironman, when Dr Strange agrees to hand him the time stone in place of iron man’s life.

But we know that Dr Strange has been guarding the time stone so fiercely.

Doctor Strange with Ebony Maw in Avengers Infinity War

In fact, in the first half of the movie when Ironman and Spiderman save Dr Strange from Ebony Maw, he tells that that if a time comes when he has to choose between Ironman/Spiderman vs the stone, he’ll choose the stone.

So why would he give it away to save Ironman?

Because, in the third act, Dr Strange also manages to see the future while Ironman and Star-Lord are fighting over whose plan is better. He sees 14 million+ alternate futures which has only one chance of winning. And the only way to win, is by saving Ironman and letting Thanos kill half the universe.

So in Avengers 4, it can be predicted that Ironman will play a huge role in killing Thanos.

All is not over yet…

But hey, don’t worry. I don’t think all your characters are gone forever. I am sure some of them will come back. We already have a Spiderman Homecoming 2 and Guardians of Galaxy Vol 3 in the pipeline – so some of the characters are bound to come back.

But till then, we can only wait.

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