K.D. (A) Karuppudurai Review – A Journey Of Life & Happiness

K.D. (A) Karuppudurai

Directed By: Madhumita.

Starring: Mu Ramasamy, Naga Vishal, Yog Japee.

Where to watch: Netflix

Rarely has a movie ever touched me as much as K.D. (A) Karuppudurai and all credit goes to Madhumita for writing and directing a story that just transports you into a journey where you feel the emotions as strongly as the characters on screen do.

Plot Summary

80-year old Karuppudurai wakes up after 3 months in a coma to overhear his sons discussing how to put an end to his life as it’s difficult for them to take care of his medical expenses. Scared and disillusioned, he runs away and meets a free-spirited and witty orphan, Kutty. Together, they build a bucket list for Karuppudurai (KD) and go about ticking off each item, while KD’s family is hot on the heels looking for him.

K.D. (A) Karuppudurai Wishlist

The Chemistry Between KD and Kutty

What I loved the most about the movie was that it gently brings you inside the universe of KD and Kutty as the movie progresses. Their relationship doesn’t start on a happy note, but it becomes stronger and stronger with over time. Similarly, you also find yourself drawn to them. You start rooting for them as the duo who are bonding while having the best time of their lives.

The credit here goes to how well the characters and their progression is written. The movie strictly refrains from being a typical bucket list story; instead, it’s about the friendship KD and Kutty share while they go on a road trip.

Mu Ramasamy plays a memorable role as KD who is tired of living a life for his family and now wants to have fun. His passion for Mutton Biryani and MGR is evident with the twinkle in his eyes whenever he comes across either.

K.D. (A) Karuppudurai Mutton Biriyani

Heartfelt Performance

As a viewer, I usually gravitate towards older characters and I was blown away by Mu Ramasamy’s performance. In one scene, you have Kutty, KD and one of KD’s childhood friends discussing KD’s childhood crush – Valli. As they reminisce about the past, they wonder if she’s still alive – bringing them back to present where they’re old and frail, almost at the end of their lives. This is when Kutty remarks what if Valli is still alive. The camera next focuses on KD whose eyes are shining bright with hope and positivity. Without saying a word, Mu Ramaswamy makes you feel what he’s going through – using only his eyes.

However, it’s not just the senior actor who has performed well. Young Naga Vishal is exceptional as Kutty who is convincing whether he’s being witty, or a mature friend to KD’s childish behaviour. I won’t cite examples as I’ll be telling too much. You have to watch the movie to believe it. I am sure he has a promising career in acting.

The most touching aspect of the story is that you cherish their friendship so much that you want them to remain as is, but you also know it’s not possible. KD has lived his life while Kutty is just starting, they can’t be around each other for a long time.

But these are the thoughts you take away after you’ve seen the movie because Madhumita ensures that you’re glued to their friendship during the 2-hour runtime of the movie.

Watch the trailer of K.D. (A) Karuppudurai below:

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